Unzip the files and load them to your server

In cpanel create a new database and user run the enclosed sql file.

Enter the server, database and database user details in includes/config.php.

Run setup.php and enter your administor details (all fields are compulsory).

This sets up your database tables

Code to be added to pages.

include ("includes/configfile.php");
To be entered as first line of every page.

Wrap the following code round admin areas
if ($_SESSION['seslevel']==$admin){
Your Admin code

Wrap the following code round members areas
if ($_SESSION['sesusername']){
Your members code

eg <?php if ($_SESSION['sesusername']){?>
<li><a href="register.php">Update details</a></li>
<?php } else { ?>
<li><a href="register.php">Register</a></li>
<?php } ?>

User Groups

Only Admin and Members are set up
To add groups you need to login as admin and add the groups in the admin page, change the level for the users in the registration page.

Use the following code for your group specific pages:

if ($_SESSION['seslevel']==$admin or $_SESSION['seslevel']=="s"or $_SESSION['seslevel']=="b"){
Your code
Where s and b are the level of the users

For the login form and the line <?php include("includes/logform.php")?> in an appropriate place.

For the optin email you will require a page- optin.php with the following additional script:

<?php include("includes/optin.php");
if ($optin){
echo "Thank You message ";
echo "Sorry message ";


The editor uses TinyMCE please see that site for setup and configuration details.


If images are required in the text editor they can either be uploaded manually to the images directory or you can include the line <?php include("includes/uploader.php")?> in an appropriate page for file uploads. The maximum file size of 400px and 40k bytes are set in includes/uploader.php.

If you change the configuration of the TinyMCE editor you must ensure the line:

external_image_list_url : "image_list.php",

is included in the javascript


In Admin set the required Registration Fields as follows

0 The field isn't displayed on Registration Form
1 The field is displayed but not compulsory
2 Compulsory field

Email Password
If set to yes the password is sent by email to the user
otherwise it is displayed on screen

Double Optin
The user must click on the email link before he can login

Text For Forms
Various pieces of text that appear on the login /registration forms also the adminitration email address

Email Text
Text used for sending (optin) email in the format:
[Greeting] $username
[Start of message ] $password
[End of message]
[link text]

Pages for the wysiwyg can added/deleted and keywords & descriptions can be added.

The files menu.php and footer.php in the includes directory are only required if you use this template

WYSIMG Page Content

As usual add the line <?php include ("includes/configfile.php"); ?>at the top of the page. In the admin menu find the relevant pageid in the Admin menu. Now add the lines <?php $pageid=X;include("includes/getpage.php");?> (where X is the page id).

You can use the following in your contents page:

<meta name="keywords" content="<?php echo $keywords;?>" />
<meta name="description" content="<?php echo $description;?>" />
<title><?php echo $pagename;?></title>
<h1><?php echo $pagename;?></h1>
<?php echo $content;?>

Google Analytics

Insert your Google analytics (or other tracking code) into the file includes/googleanalytics.php add ensure the line <?php include("includes/googleanalytics.php");?>is just before the closing body tag.

You tracking code will then appear on your pages.